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About Boutique Bleu

Boutique Bleu is a womens clothing and gift shop in Spokane WA. A classic approach to life and dress. We are here to help you achieve the best looking, most fashionable you through our unique designer collections.

Boutique Bleu is located in the newest urban neighborhood Kendall Yards. Just across the river from Downtown Spokane.
1184 W. Summit Parkway
Spokane, WA. 99201

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Shop Hours:

Sunday - Closed
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 11am - 6pm
Wednesday - 11am - 6pm  
Thursday - 11am - 6pm
Friday - 11am - 6pm
Saturday - 11am - 6pm

She is intelligent and knows what she is looking for. She loves to be challenged and isn't afraid to take risks or try new things. She is forever smiling. It's the small things in life that make her happy. She is smart, confident and determined and will not be held down. She is healthy. She is a leader and an inspiration to her family.  She is positive, bright and whitty. She is Awesome! She is You

We believe a women feels more confident when she is looking her best. We give you the inspiration to wear your best that fuels the confidence within you. We build the attitude you want to wear. 

We vow to inspire you to always look your very best. To show you how to take steps toward being confident in your own unique style. We remind you how beautiful you are in your own skin. Boutique Bleu is here to enhance that beauty.

Helpful, energetic, friendly, kind, happy, professional, confident, motivated, inspiring, encouraging, optimistic, family, grateful, better, humble.

Snotty, offensive, overconfident, reckless, anti-social, almight, disrespectful, scattered, "too-good", "better than", "lesser than", average, boring, predictable, cheesy, know it alls or haters. 

Amy & Indiah